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As More People Turn To Psychedelics, Integration Proves A Crucial Factor For Breakthroughs

At 54 years old, Nick Watchorn had suffered for 22 years from the terror of a mass shooting he experienced as a young cop. In an article for Forbes, he speaks of his transformative experience when he took part in an MDMA trial for PTSD. He speaks of the importance of integration and there are comments from some well known figures in the research community. He says:

“My integration sessions were so confronting and profound, the feelings of relief and optimism were overwhelming for a long time,” he says. “Experiencing such radically different perspectives, feeling more universally connected than disconnected, noticing clarity in thoughts, colours, textures, smells. I’d find myself in tears, often daily, over the next eighteen months. Some of it was sadness — mourning the past. There was also the incredible sense of relief and strong unfamiliar feelings of freedom and optimism.”

Check out the full article by following this link .

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