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Jane Fortune

Founder, Psychedelic Integration UK

I first became aware of the potential of psychedelics to heal trauma around 12-years ago, through media reports and documentaries I came across online. At that time, I was working as a psychotherapist for a substance misuse and addiction treatment service on Merseyside. Many of the people I helped had experienced extreme trauma in their childhoods and were finding escape and comfort from their pain by using a combination of street drugs and alcohol. 


As my curiosity and interest in psychedelics grew stronger, I eventually decided that I wanted to experience their healing potential first-hand. I subsequently visited the Netherlands on a clandestine Psilohuasca Retreat, which I had found after much research. Apart from becoming a Mother, that weekend retreat turned out to be the most transformational experience of my adult life - both personally and professionally.  It launched me onto what I now regard as a more purposeful life-path.  


Alongside the deep healing I have personally received in the years since, I have also witnessed first-hand, and read the testimonies of hundreds, if not thousands, of others who have experienced transformational healing by working with these amazing molecules. I believe they are gifts of nature and human ingenuity. 


Over the course of recent years, my desire to deepen my own healing and to help others to heal themselves has resulted in my active involvement in the Psychedelic Renaissance. This movement continues to gain traction as the world becomes more aware of the potential healing psychedlics can offer to treat the many ills that plague our society - both individually and collectively.


My own contribution to the Psychedelic Renaissance  has been in the form of volunteering at festivals with PsyCare UK, who offer psychedelic support to festival-goers and attending Breaking Convention - the biennial conference on psychedelic Science that is held at the University of Greenwich. I also run a monthly Psychedelic Integration Circle in my home city of Chester. 


I founded Psychedelic Integration UK as a way to disseminate information and educate people around psychedelic risk-reduction and as a hub where people can find local Psychedelic Societies and Psychedelic Integration Providers. These providers, made up of professional psychotherapists and counsellors, offer their services to help people prepare for, and integrate meaningful psychedelic experiences.  


I have recently retired from my practice as a psychotherapist here in the UK, and intend to use my spare time to create content for this site, and to mingle in the community that I call home.

Jane x

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