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Who We Are & What We Do

Learn more about the people behind Psychedelic Integration UK, what our beliefs are about a little more about the psychedelic integration community.

We believe

We believe that the failed war on drugs is amongst the biggest policy errors of world governments over the past century. Current draconian drug laws have fed into a culture of fear, where psychedelics are stigmatised and research is made expensive. We believe rather than criminalise drug use, policy makers should turn their efforts to education and harm reduction.

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Our community

Psychedlic Integration UK was founded in 2017 in response to the rapidly developing psychedelic landscape. With psychedelic medicine hitting mainstream media in the UK and globally, we felt there was a need for a space where the public could come to for knowledge, support and education.

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Support Group

Faces behind the scene


Founder of Psychedelic Integration UK


Adam Laidler

Site Ambassador

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